Club Objectives

  • Bring awareness and realization about duties and responsibilities as citizen of India
  • To raise consumer rights knowledge across all sectors, particularly among college students.
  • To emphasise the significance of consumer rights and responsibilities.
  • To reach the unreachable by educating the villages and providing  information and training on consumer awareness by the students.
  • Impart knowledge about real life situations and to enable to development of skills to handle citizen and consumer issues.
ACADEMIC YEAR 2021 – 2022
124.12.2021Inter Department Competition"National Consumer Rights day"------
215.02.2022SDP - World Consumer Rights Day "Challenges of Ethical Living in a Consumer Society "Kavi . TamilSelvan
Secratary , CAC Coimbatore
District Co-Ordinator
Makkal Mayyam , Coimbatore
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