About REDC

Rural Entrepreneurship Development Cell (REDC) formed under Mahatma Gandhi National Council of Rural Education, Department of Higher Education Government of India. Rural Entrepreneurship Development predominant for the balanced economic growth of the Nation. The Rural Entrepreneurship Development Cell (REDC) aims to encourage student community to take up rural entrepreneurship as their career. It motivates the students to explore untapped rural resources and opportunities available in the zone.


1. To develop understanding about Entrepreneurship in Rural Context;
2. To develop entrepreneurial skills in the rural youth;
3. To explore and identify rural potential for a business idea;
4. To developing skills to convert the idea into a commercial viable business concept;
5. To measure the feasibility of the identified concept by the students;
6. To develop a framework for integrating the business concepts and markets; and
7. To develop and implement a Rural Enterprise.